The name "Shar-Pei" itself literally means "sand-skin" but translates more loosely as "rough-sandy coat" or "sand-paper coat" and refers to two distinctive qualities of the Shar-Pei coat, roughness and shortness. The chinese Shar-Pei, an ancient and Unique breed, is thought to have originated in the area around the small village of Tai Li in Kwangtung Province of China, apparently since the Han dynasty (c. 200 B.C.).   Perhaps this loyalty to the breed is due in part to Shar-Peis being extremely devoted and loyal to their families.

The octagonal "Revere pierce" tray is constructed of a heavy steel gage and its measurements are: 24"X17 1/2"

A matching table stand is also available.
(please check accessories)

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